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To. SUBJECT : INTRODUCTION OF BIO-10 ORGANIC FERTILIZER. Dear Sir, This is to introduce our sales as SAFEX BIO ORGANICS. We are manufacturing Bactaria Based Organic Fertilizer. We are using 12 types of Bacaria. Asitobactar ,Asospilium , Phosphate cultural , Micoriza , Risobium , Sudomonus , Pesilomisis Tricoderma , Zink , Sulfor , etc… 4 Types of Cake : Neem Cake , Caster Cake , Kanji cake Varakhada cake, Sea weeds, Vermi Warm, Green Crushed. Sugar Press Mud and other organic manures. We above all raw material mixed and compost 15 days X 3 times total 45 days process. then it use as organic fertilizer. This is work as Basic Fertilizer. It gives result in Soil, Plant and Plant crops in quality and quantity. We use 4 types of bactaria gives food NPK. 8 types of Bactaria as fungicides and Pesticides. From this we get 1. Food. N.P.K. 2. All types of Micronutrines. 3. Work as pesticides fungicides. We save 60% UREA Expense We save 100 % DAP expense. We save More then 80 % of pesticides expense. Because it protect in root. Our main goal to save maximum expenses from Farmers Pocket. If we purchase all above raw material individual and use it so it is very expensive. But our product approximately expense of 10 to 20 % so we also save more then 80 % this way expenses. Big farmers spent any payment but some times they did not get gobar, cakes and etc. and other side small farmers get all things but they did not spent money because they did not have money. So that time this is product work. This is all in one products. BIO-10 product work any types of crops. Any vegetables, any fruits, any flowers, and any Hotricultures crops. other any grains, cereals, any pulses, cotton, caster, and all. Only in different doses. We direct sales to only farmers we do not want to sale as dealership all over india. We do not want to do business. We want to work for farmers benefit. Just Example if we supply 100 farmers and 90 farmers get result but 10 farmers did not get result. So they said product are not good. That time we test their soil and water then we mixed add other cakes and bactaria and will give them 100 % result. Agricultural scientist’s wordings that Bactaria and cakes give result all over Indians soils and water. We also give result all over Gujarat in different area. We also cheak and test and give result in different states Like Andrapradesh, Himachal Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Maharastra. Ok Thanking You Yours Faithfully For : SAFEX BIO ORGANICS. HIMANSHU BHATT. 9428479225.

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